Emoji as "Word of the Year" 2015.

DownloadTears-of-Joy? Word of the Year 2015, published in the German magazine form 264, Jan. 2016 (0,5 MB)

German/English Tears-of-Joy.pdf


Emoji-Handwriting. Handwriting and drawing,

as a new option on tablets.

2013 German fontblog

Spring 2016, Apple Notes / iOS 9 introdudes handwriting and drawing.

See: Gros, Emoji-Handwriting in:

German Magazine page

German Magazine pcwelt

DIY Emoji – Selfemoji


Summer 2016, iOS 10 introduces a new iMessenger with special features for drawings and handwriting. 

See: Gros, Personal Emoji in:

German Magazine Macwelt

Draw-It-Yourself Emojis: basics, techniques and further developments.


English  (0,5 MB) Selfemoji-for-Example.pdf

German (0,5 MB) Selfemoji-zum-Beispiel.pdf

Emoji-Typing became part of the ordinary Chinese word processor.

2016 German fontblog


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Emoji Chinese_Essay_02.pdf

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Emoji Chinesisch_Essay.pdf