Emoji as "Word of the Year" 2015.

Emoji – from “e” picture and “moji” glyph – are also to view as as picture glyphes, as modern-day hieroglyphics.

But there is also a technical leap towards emoji-handwriting and emoji-typing

Download:  Jochen Gros, Tears-of-Joy? Word of the Year 2015, published in the German magazine form 264, Jan. 2016 (0,5 MB)

German/English Tears-of-Joy.pdf


Emoji-Handwriting. Handwriting and drawing,

as a new option on tablets. See: Gros,

2013 German fontblog

Spring 2016, Apple Notes / iOS 9 introdudes handwriting and drawing.

See: Gros, Emoji-Handwriting in:

German Magazine page

German Magazine pcwelt

DIY Emoji – Selfemoji

English:  www.doodlegram.design

Summer 2016, iOS 10 introduces a new iMessenger with special features for drawings and handwriting. 

See: Gros, Personal Emoji in:

German Magazine Macwelt

Draw-It-Yourself Emojis: basics, techniques and further developments.


English  (0,5 MB) Selfemoji-for-Example.pdf

German (0,5 MB) Selfemoji-zum-Beispiel.pdf

Emoji-Typing became already part of the ordinary Chinese word processor.

If you tap for instance "che" (car) you will first

see a popup menu with synonymous characters  and  meanwhile this includes emoji, side by side with traditional signs.

2016 German fontblog

But isn't it likely, that this kind of "Emoji Chinese" will go on with typographic diversity and an extended vocabulary? See the following essay with a chapter of the Pictoperanto book.


English  (1,6 MB)

Emoji Chinese_Essay_02.pdf

German (1,6 MB)

Emoji Chinesisch_Essay.pdf


2016 Emoji Chinese

Right now, the early vision of a new pictorial script is passing three crucial milestones